Hey! I'm Gina.

A certified Eating Disorder Recovery coach, travel- enthusiast, animal lover, and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you take back your life from eating disorder and body image struggles.

My Story

Born in California and raised in Colorado, I spent a lot of time outdoors playing with friends, catching bugs, and playing soccer. I was a happy kid and loved to have fun. However, from an early age I remember being deeply unhappy with how I looked. I didn’t think my tummy looked like all the other girls’ tummies – I felt something was deeply wrong with me. My self esteem and self worth was very low and, already influenced by diet culture at a young age, I developed a pattern of food restriction and disordered eating that would continue through grade school, middle school, and high school.

My freshman year of college, after experiencing a horrible soccer injury that left me in physical therapy for over a year, I felt out of shape, weak, and quite frankly, worthless. I was looking for ways to “get my edge back” and get back to playing.

With my years of pre-established restriction and disordered eating, I looked to dieting and exercise as my solution. My well-meant efforts and seemingly innocent goal of getting back on the soccer field would quickly turn into a full-blown eating disorder. I began looking for new ways to restrict my food intake further and exercise more in order to lose weight. I became obsessed with the scale, “goal weights”, and my “ideal body”; based on the “perfect” women I would see on social media.

Counting calories and “clean” and “pure” eating took over every waking second of my life. I would hit one goal weight but it was never good enough; there was always a lower number to be achieved. There was always another food that needed to be demonized and cut out of my diet. I was fit, but never fit enough. My heavy restriction and “clean eating” would inevitably result in binging and shame. Which would then fuel still more restriction and obsession over what I ate and how much I exercised, in order to “make-up” for the binging. It was what felt like a never-ending cycle.

And so for the next 8 years I was in a living hell, struggling with anorexia, orthorexia and exercise addiction.

After 8 years of shame, frustration, sadness, and sickness, I finally had a wake-up call. Although I was still very much in denial of my eating disorder, one day I had a very jarring thought occur to me:

Am I going to spend the rest of my life like this?

Am I going to spend the rest of my life constantly consumed by thoughts of food obsession, hating my body, never-ending exercise, and feeling like I can never just be happy with who I am or how I look? Is this what my life is always going to be like?

What scared me more than these questions was the answer – Yes.

Then I thought about my hopes and dreams. All the amazing adventures I wanted to go on, the things I wanted to see and do, people I wanted to meet. And I asked myself:

Will I ever really be able to do any of these things?

I knew the answer already – No.

Not if I didn’t get help for this sickness that had taken over every aspect of my life.

So even though I was still in deep denial over whether or not I actually had an eating disorder, I knew something was very wrong, and I knew I needed help. It was at that point that I started looking for help and assembling my care team.

Although it was not easy and was full of highs and very low lows, I am grateful every single day for making the decision to get help and choose eating disorder recovery. It saved my life and gave me the opportunity for a new one. A new life filled with pure joy, genuine connection, and freedom – Food freedom, exercise freedom, and the freedom of living my life knowing that I am so much more than simply an athlete, my body, or my Eating Disorder. I am me, and I am free.

My Mission

Having personally recovered from an eating disorder, I feel called to turn my deepest pain into my greatest passion:

Empowering women to overcome their eating disorders so they can pursue the life they deserve. A life filled with love, adventure, connection, big dreams, and good food.

Along with my personal background, I am also professionally trained under Recovery Love and Care University. RLC University is a rigorous and intensive course that educates on the diverse and ever-expanding facets of eating disorders and recovery. Under RLC University, I have been trained in trauma-informed care, neural retraining, and ethical and collaborative care. My practice is both Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating aligned. In addition, my practice is HIPAA compliant in order to provide my clients with the confidentiality they deserve.

My goal is to empower you to overcome your eating disorder so you can pursue the life you deserve. A life in which you know you are more than your athletic abilities, a number on the scale, or a jean size. A life in which you feel freedom and joy when it comes to food choices – not paralyzed, obsessed, and restrictive. A life in which you feel at home in your body and treat it with kindness and respect.

A life filled with love, adventure, connection, big dreams, and good food.

When working with me, you can expect authenticity, transparency, and compassion. I want to provide you with a safe space and support through your recovery. Above all else, I want you to feel seen and heard, and leave each session knowing that while your journey is unique to you, you are never alone in your struggles.

Other Core Values you can expect from me:

  • Compassion
  • Authenticity
  • Fun
  • Inclusivity
  • Anti-Diet
  • Anti-Fatphobia
  • Anti-Racist
  • Anti-Shame
  • Connection
  • Grace
  • Courage
  • Vulnerability